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Contents and Specifications on A Kind of Drilling Fluids Centrifuge

Nov 06, 2013

 Drilling fluids centrifuge: KOSUN LW series decanter centrifuge is especially used for separation and filtration of suspension containing solids above or equal to 2μm and of solid concentration between 2 and 40 percent and liquid viscosity below or equal to 0.03 Pa•s, separation of liquids containing small amount of solids; and for separation of amorphous materials that is make teh regeneration of filter cloth hard and suspension that has a greater range of solids concentration. It is applied in such solid-liquid separation fields as oil industry, chemical industry, medicine industry, environmental protection industry, industrial sewage treatment, etc for the purposes of solids dewatering, liquid purification, size classification and so on.  

1.Methods and Tips of Storage

The storage environment of drilling centrifuge requires the comparatively humid space do not account for 90% of all, the normal storage temperature range from -25° to 55°, good ventilation and no corrosive gases and no electric leakage. The internal components of electric control tank need further adjustment to prevent potentials of wetting loss and power leakage should the drilling centrifuge be stored for a longer period, 

2.Application Environment of Drilling Centrifuge

Storage temperature: -20°—50°

Humidity: not above 95% with good ventilation to keep it dry

Electric defense grade: IP54

3.Components of Drilling Fluids Centrifuge

KOSUN LW Decanter Centrifuge is driven by two electric motors of which the master one drives rotary drum and differential cover via belt and the auxiliary one drives spiral propeller after its speed being made different. In this way, the rotary drum and propeller both rotate in the same direction with certain speed difference. The working diameter of drum is either 450 mm or 600 mm. Decanter Centrifuge mainly comprises rotary drum, spiral propeller, differential gear, differential cover, motor base and so on.

1: Rotary system is mainly consisted of explosion-proof electric motor, hydraulic coupling, differential gear, etc. 

2: Over-current protection system is primarily used to offer the equipment overload protection when the current is over powerful.

3: The equipment primarily contains such vital components as feeder, classifier, machine base, speed reducer, elevated nacelle and so on.

4: Feeder pipelines assembly includes feeding pipelines and clean water pipelines, 

5: Electric controlling system is consisted of electric control tank, limit switch and power cables.

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