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Learn to tell the causes for noises in retarder assembly

Nov 26, 2013

Improper gear meshing means that continuous, clear noise is generated by too small or big gap between meshes, incorrect meshing sites, inadequate meshing area and will raise when rotating speed increases; improper bearing assembly describes the phenomenon that continuous, clear noise is generated by too small or big gap between meshes, incorrect meshing sites, inadequate meshing area and will raise when rotating speed increases.

1. If sharp noise comes from rear bridge when the motor is traveling, it is usually caused by damaged gear teeth or damaged bearings,

2. If the gap between meshes is too big, then:

A. impact noise like “bang, bang” will be generated when the motor is traveling;

B. the motor will squeak when abruptly changing speed or traveling uphill.

3. If the gap between meshes is too small, then:

the motor will generate noise like “Ow----” when traveling. Then you can touch rear axle which if heats a bit, that means the meshing gap is too small; if overheats, that means a shortage of oil and you should check the oil surface. 

4. If tensioning screw nuts at driving bevel gear lug loosen, then: 

5. If the meshing gap in retarder planetary gear is too big or if the half axle gear or keyway is damaged, then:

It generates noises like “Kaba, Kaba”when the motor swerves. Though with low traveling speed, they are still there, but immediately disappear when speed increase.

The motor travels as normal when stamping the accelerator pedal, but generates noise like “Uh” when letting go the pedal. The noise disappears when the motor travels at a uniform speed.  

6. Bevel driven gear jumps or fails.

7. If the bearings are worn or meshing gap is improper, then: 

The noise increases when driving speed goes up while reduces or even disappears when the motor is sliding.  

8. If the half axle tubing curves and deforms, 

Then the rear bridge generates unusual rumbling noise and keeps shaking when letting go the brake at the speed close to 60km/h. 

Therefore, only after the causes for retarder assembly noise are made clear can it be possible to tell if it is the matter of retarder quality which is not the blame for all problems.

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