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A gas field over a hundred billion cubic meters discovered in Tarim Oilfield

Oct 11, 2019

Recently, the Bozi No. 9 Well of PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Company was successfully tested, and it has obtained high-yield industrial oil and gas flow with a daily natural gas of 418,200 cubic meters and the condensate oil of 115.15 cubic meters. It is another 100-billion cubic meters gas field discovered in the southern part of Mount Tianshan in the Tarim Oilfield within one year, which marks the birth of the second trillion-cubic meters gas area in the Tarim Basin.
The Bozi No. 9 Well is a pre-exploration well in the Kelasu tectonic zone of the Kuqa Depression in the Tarim Basin. Its spud-in was in October 2017 and the drilling was finished in March 2019. It is an ultra-deep well with a depth of 7880 meters.

Tian Jun, deputy general manager of Tarim Oilfield Company, said that the successful discovery of Bozi No. 9 Well has demonstrated the gas-bearing scale of Bozi No. 9 gas reservoir. The estimated oil-bearing area is 40.9 square kilometers, and the gas layer thickness is 178 meters. The reserves are 115.3 billion cubic meters and the condensate oil is 21.66 million tons, which indicates that the Tarim Oilfield has discovered another high-quality, self-contained and high-yield condensate gas reservoir with over a 100 billion cubic meters.
Tian Jun said that the breakthrough of the Bozi No. 9 Well has not only increased confidence in building 30 million tons of large oil and gas fields in the Tarim Oilfield, but also will increase new gas sources for the West-East Gas Transmission and South Xinjiang gas consumption and further guarantee the domestic natural gas supply.

More than 80% of the proven reserves of deep-stratum condensate oil and gas in China are concentrated in the Tarim Basin. At present, the Tarim Oilfield has successfully developed 14 ultra-deep and ultra-high pressure complex condensate gas fields, such as Yaha, Dina 2 and Tazhong No. 1, has an annual production capacity of over two million tons of condensate oil and 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas and has built the ultra-deep condensate oil and gas production base in China.
Tarim Oilfield is the third largest onshore oil and gas field in China and is one of the main gas sources of the West-East Gas Transmission Project. It supplies gas for about 400 million people and more than 3,000 enterprises in over 200 large and medium-sized cities in 15 provinces and regions in East China and North China.