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Advantages of Piling Mud Solidification Treatment Equipment

Sep 11, 2022

Large-scale piling mud solidification treatment equipment is used to treat mud generated in urban piling construction and municipal engineering. This mud has the characteristics of high concentration and high viscosity, so the discharge of the mud is very inconvenient. In order to meet the market demand, the mud solidification treatment equipment designed and produced by Xi'an KOSUN can solidify mud in the fields of oilfield drilling, trenchless construction, municipal engineering, etc., and realize the harmless treatment of mud. It can effectively reduce the disposal cost of mud produced by municipal construction. Easy operation, convenient maintenance, automatic continuous processing, adjustable loading and unloading capabilities, and adjustable various added materials. Save labor cost and yield high efficiency.
The mud solidification treatment equipment can also be applied in the field of oil drilling and trenchless projects to effectively treat oil-based and water-based cuttings. The treated waste is harmless to the environment and can meet the environmental protection requirements of landfill on site or at farmland. The waste mud has a large volume after solidification, and is convenient for transportation. The liquid drilling waste is easy to be stored after solidification and is safe and harmless.

According to different working conditions, the mud treatment equipment can adjust different processing volumes and various added materials. This set of system can help customers save labor costs, improve construction efficiency, facilitate transportation, reduce transportation costs, ensure the smooth progress of piling projects, avoid environmental pollution caused by the discharge of piling mud, and promote environmental protection.