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KOSUN VD series vacuum degasser features in low price, high quality and good degassing effect.

Aug 30, 2019

KOSUN VD series vacuum degasser is a new-type special equipment of treating gas-cut drilling fluid, which is developed by KOSUN on the basis of integrating a variety of degassers at home and abroad. It is applicable for supporting various mud purification systems, plays an important role in recovering the specific gravity of mud, stabilizing the viscosity performance of mud and reducing the drilling cost, and can also be used as a high-power agitator for air-free mud.

KOSUN VD series degasser is a vacuum-type one, that is, by dint of the suction effect of vacuum pump, negative pressure is created in vacuum chamber, and under the effect of atmospheric pressure, the mud enters the hollow shaft of rotor via suction pipe and then sprays onto the chamber wall from the ejector ports in hollow shaft. For collision and separation wheels, the drilling fluid is separated into thin layers, the bubbles in mud break and the gas escapes. Through suction of vacuum pump and separation of gas-water separator, the gas is exhausted to a safe area via exhaust pipe of separator and the mud is drained out of the chamber by the impeller. Since the main motor first starts and the impeller rotates at a high speed, the mud enters the chamber only via the suction pipe, not via drain pipe.

KOSUN VD series vacuum degasser has the following features and benefits:
1. Vacuum pump plays such two different roles in the process as follows: mud enters the vacuum chamber by dint of suction of vacuum pump and gas is pumped out of the vacuum chamber by dint of vacuum pump.
2. During the working process, the water-ring vacuum pump is always at a constant temperature, which is suitable for suctioning flammable and explosive gas and is reliable in safety performance.
3. The mud sprays onto the interior wall at a high speed through ejector ports of rotor, the bubbles break thoroughly and the degassing effect is better.
4. The main motor is offset and integral center o gravity is lowered.
5. The belt drive avoids making the reducing mechanism complicated.
7. The suction pipe submerges in the mud tank, so the degasser can be used as a high-power agitator for air-free mud.
6. Water and gas will be not drained simultaneously due to the gas-water separator, and the exhaust pipe is always unblocked. Moreover, water can be recycled for vacuum pump.