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What are the insulation methods for the drilling low-temperature solids control system?

Apr 14, 2021

In the low temperature environment, in order to promote the normal operation of the drilling rig, while ensuring that it has a heating system, it should also be treated with normal heat preservation. Only when the normal heating performance is ensured and the heat preservation treatment is carried out, the drilling rig can work normally under low temperature conditions, and its maintenance cost can also be reduced. According to the analysis of the current actual situation, the heat preservation treatment of the low-temperature solids control system is mainly to build a heat preservation shed, and use the heat preservation shed for heat preservation.

low-temperature solids control system
KOSUN has many years of industry experience in the field of petroleum solids control. It is a professional solids control equipment manufacturer. It has designed and produced multiple sets of professional solids control systems and equipment for many customers at home and abroad, and targeted at polar (minus 40 degrees) low-temperature drilling According to the requirements of working conditions, KOSUN can also produce low-temperature solids control system suitable for special regions according to the specific requirements of customers.