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What are the main hazards of oil sludge sand in oil fields?

May 06, 2022

1) Affecting normal production: Oil silt sand in the oil field will greatly reduce the water absorption of the oil layer, and the water injection pressure will continue to rise. This is mainly because the suspended solids are seriously exceeding the standard, which makes the formation easy to block, and the large-sized sediment is stored in the sewage purification tank, oil-water separation tank, and sewage pool for a long time, which will make the working performance of the production equipment impossible. Resulting in a decrease in production efficiency and production quality in the production process, so it has a great impact on production.
oil sludge sand in oil fields
2) Environmental hazards: the organic components and heavy metal components of oil mud sand in the oil field, and a large number of aromatic hydrocarbons that cause serious damage to the ecological environment. These substances are often volatilized into the air and cause air pollution. Oil mud sand in the oil field will release an extremely foul odor under high temperature conditions, which will lead to a decrease in the cleanliness index of people's living and working environment, directly affecting the physical and mental health of local people, and even threatening their lives.
3) It is extremely harmful to the growth of soil crops: because the oil mud sand piled on the ground outside has a large amount of heavy metals that exceed the standard poisoning, along with the rain in rainy days, and the hail and snowflakes in winter, it will infiltrate into the farming soil and groundwater. , causing serious pollution to the local soil and groundwater that is difficult to repair, which will lead to a poor growth cycle of soil crops, and even cause serious damage to soil crops that are barren.
4) The impact and harm of increasing the economic burden of sewage discharge: Oil silt sand in oil fields is a hazardous, toxic and hazardous waste. If it is not treatment in a timely and effective manner, and various harmful indicators seriously exceed the standard, the state will not only dispose of high amounts of oil fields in accordance with relevant regulations. In addition, the person in charge of the oilfield project shall be subject to serious personal liability penalties and fines.
In view of the various hazards of oil mud sand in oil fields, the problem of treatment oil mud sand in oil fields is extremely important. According to the relevant national environmental protection requirements, major oil fields have become an urgent and imperative mandatory task to solve the problem of harmless disposal of oil mud sand.