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What are the working principles and main features of KOSUN single screw pump?

Sep 09, 2019

Screw Pump is an ideal pump used to feed drilling fluids to decanter centrifuge since drilling fluids is pushed to proceed along axial direction evenly. Therefore, the inner flow speed is kept low, volume unchanged and pressure stable so that vortex and agitation are prevented. Screw Pump is useful for wet mud drilling waste management and cuttings transportation.

KOSUN single screw pump consists mainly of two parts engaged with each other like threads. The rotor is a rod-shaped part having an external thread, and the stator is a sleeve-like part having an internal thread. When the stator and the rotor are engaged with each other, a series of mutually non-intersecting sealed chambers are created which continuously advance from the suction end to the discharge end as the rotor rotates. KOSUN single-screw pump is a positive displacement pump that has the same displacement per revolution as a sealed chamber.

Features of KOSUN single screw pump:

  1. Wide range of application. It can transport liquid with all kinds of viscosity and concentration, liquid containing gas, solid, suspended matter and non-flowing materials with certain liquid content.
  2. Stable flow pressure. The flow is a steady linear flow with no pulsations.
  3. The flow rate is proportional to the speed and can be used for chemicals filling and metering output.
  4. The pump has a certain self-priming ability.
  5. The pump has small shear and extrusion stress and is suitable for conveying sensitive medium.