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Jointly Forge New Glory of “Silk Road” with “Chang’an” Block Train and Tieyang Transportation

Jan 27, 2015

Recently, another batch of drilling mud solids control equipment labeled with “KOSUN” arrives at Zhem Station in Kazakhstan by international freight block train named “Chang’an” from Xi’an International Port District. 

KOSUN Drilling Mud Solids Control Equipment Ready for Transportation
KOSUN Drilling Mud Solids Control Equipment Ready for Transportation
Logistics bottleneck begins to emerge along with the increasing market share of KOSUN drilling solids control and drilling waste management equipment in Pan-Russian Area and Central Asia. In the past, KOSUN products were transported to Zhem Station of Kazakhstan by train from Xi’an, and were detained in both dispatching station and transfer station for a long time, and communication and coordination between commercial personnel and freight department is rather time-consuming as well. 
After the international freight block train “Chang’an” was open to traffic at the end of 2013, KOSUN made cooperation with Shanghai Tieyang Multimodal Transportation Co., Ltd. to deliver our products to customers by “Chang’an” Train, a new way of the Silk Road. This year, five batches of drilling mud solids control equipment have been delivered to Central Asia by “Chang’an”, totally weighing 188 tons and valuing over one million USD. At present, it takes only about ten days for products to reach Zhem from factory, nearly half of previous transportation time. 
The improved logistics efficiency guarantees the delivery date of KOSUN products and greatly speeds up the response to customer requirements. During the period of nationally strategic opportunity of building “the Silk Road Economic Belt”, KOSUN will seize the opportunity, cooperate closely with Tieyang and jointly forge new glory by this “golden way”. 
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“Chang’an” is the first international freight block train in Shaanxi province. It is generally planned as “one trunk line and two branch lines”, among which “one trunk line” is from Xi’an to Rotterdam, 9830km; “two branch lines” are from Xi’an to Moscow, 7251km and from Xi’an to Kazakhstan (to Alma-Ata, 3866km, running six days; to Zhem, 5027km, running 10 days) respectively. “Chang’an” was open to traffic on November 28, 2013, serving as a “golden way” along the Silk Road Economic Belt. 
Shanghai Tieyang Multimodal Transportation Co., Ltd. is jointly established by China Railway Container Transportation Co., Ltd., China Railway International Multimodal Transportation Co., Ltd. and Denmark A.P. Moorer Group. Tieyang has set up 15 branch companies since its inception in 1996. It provides Central Asian nations with a new way out by the Chinese land bridge transport, and offers a more convenient and efficient transport mode for customers in connecting Central Asia and Russia.