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KOSUN Marching Towards the Market Segment of Construction Waste Treatment

Jan 26, 2016

At the beginning of 2016, at the invitation of a well-known construction company, several engineers of KOSUN Waste Treatment Research Center visited a famous residential community under construction at the center of Xi’an, with the main purpose of paying a return visit to the construction waste sieving and disposing system provided by KOSUN to the company in 2015 and jointly discussing about the equipment improvement.

In October 2015, KOSUN and the company concluded an agreement on equipment trial. KOSUN retrofitted LS703 linear shale shaker markedly and sent the equipment to the project site for construction waste sieving and disposing. Being different from the traditional construction waste treatment (removing large abandoned solid bricks and stones), this set of system mainly aims at sieving and disposing construction waste in the process of building. It is said that the treatment method for this project is the first time in China.

These construction wastes mainly consist of dust, small concrete blocks, sawdust, discarded PVC pipes and other fine garbage. The previous treatment method is directly using small vehicles to carry these wastes to the ground by elevator and then using trucks to transport them out of the project site, with the following disadvantages:

High transport cost
Using trucks to transport waste raises much dust and causes secondary air pollution.
Using trucks to transport waste affects the traffic and has a potential safety hazard.

Failing to thoroughly dispose waste and only transferring waste to a temporary dumping site, which causes secondary pollution.The material conveyer system jointly designed by KOSUN and the customer can transfer construction waste in buildings to the dustproof workshop of shale shaker for efficient sieving and sorting of materials. After the subsequent crushing link, above 75% of materials can be recycled, which greatly reduce the waste treatment cost. Major advantages are as follows:

Greatly reduce the amount of waste needing to be transferred and the transport cost.
Greatly reduce dust.
Most waste can be recycled.
Decrease the space occupied by waste.
At the meeting, both sides conducted an in-depth discussion and put forward some suggestions for improvement. Manager Wang, Product Manager of KOSUN Shale Shaker, said frankly.Relevant departments and social masses have never paid much attention to construction waste created in the process of building. Nowadays, all walks of life are striving for environmental protection, and KOSUN is also brave in challenging such technical problems and fights for making contributions to energy conservation and environmental protection!” After the meeting, both sides decided to launch the improvement project of this set of system. It is predicted that this set of system will benefit all construction sites nationwide in the near future.

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KOSUN devotes itself to providing solid-liquid separation product and environment-friendly water treatment solutions for customers, and is committed to solving environmental problems caused by sewage and sludge in all industries. Its products are mainly applied to municipal construction and environmental engineering, petrochemical industry, mining industry, soil ecological restoration and industrial sewage treatment. By means of offering a complete set of solutions (chemicals, equipment and services), such goals can be achieved as enhancing the wastewater recycling rate, reducing the waste discharge and reaching the sustainable development.