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KOSUN oil-base mud drilling waste treatment system sold to Karamay, Xinjiang

Jul 22, 2019

As a professional supplier of solid-liquid separation solutions in China, KOSUN has designed and manufactured mud treatment systems according to high standard configuration and customer requirements based on years of experience in manufacturing oil drilling mud solids control systems. Recently, another batch of drilling waste treatment systems have been completed and sent to Karamay, Xinjiang.

The core equipment of the drilling waste treatment system includes: high-speed VFD centrifuge, cuttings dryer, submersible slurry pump, screw conveyor, skid-mounted tank, horizontal agitator, electrical system, duty room and comprehensive explosion-proof cabinet. With a large-capacity continuous feeding device, the system can achieve efficient solid-liquid separation, effective recovery of oil-base mud in cuttings, and substantial reduction in solid-phase discharge.

The oil-base mud treatment system is easy to operate, being safe and reliable. The OOC after treatment can reach 5% or less, so the system can realize the on-site operation requirements on mud zero-discharge, reduce the costs of drilling oil-base mud and waste disposal, and meet the environmental protection requirements.

KOSUN welcomes all customers to visit our company for a variety of solids control equipment and system. We will sincerely provide the most suitable solutions for our customers!