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Outstanding advantages of KOSUN drilling waste mud recovery system

Apr 11, 2021

In the treatment of waste drilling mud, the mud recovery system is inevitably used. The mud recovery system can not only purify and recycle the mud, but also greatly reduce the production cost in drilling operations while meeting environmental protection requirements.

mud recovery system
KOSUN has strong technical strength in drilling waste treatment. The non-excavation mud recovery system, shield mud separation system and other mud recovery systems developed by KOSUN have undergone field inspections at the operation site, and the treatment results are excellent and have won unanimous praise from the market. KOSUN’s trenchless mud recovery system is based on KOSUN’s 20 years of technical experience in the solids control industry, combined with in-depth market research, and designed a mud recovery system with reasonable structure, good processing technology and a wide range of applications.
The multi-functional integrated design meets the functions of mud cleaning, recycling and reuse, mud configuration and storage, while greatly reducing the overall size of the tank system to meet the site and space requirements of horizontal directional drilling. The electrical system is explosion-proof, dust-proof and rain-proof to ensure construction safety and quality. The tank has a simple and compact structure and light weight. The corridor and guardrail can be folded or disassembled for easy transportation and installation.