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The Changqing Oilfield drilling mud project contracted by KOSUN is in progress

Oct 10, 2022

For the drilling mud project in Changqing Oilfield, Qingcheng, Gansu, KOSUN engineering service project, the KOSUN technical department has specially formulated a detailed "Service Plan", which puts forward professional requirements for the layout of on-site construction equipment and explains the construction process in detail. In the construction process plan for the integrated treatment of drilling waste, according to the principles of the on-site construction plan, the overall requirements of the construction, the preliminary preparations, the integrated treatment of drilling waste during the drilling process during the construction, tank cleaning and sewage treatment, cementing mud treatment, waste treatment The requirements for mud treatment and completion mud treatment are elaborated.
Changqing Oilfield drilling mud project -KOSUN
For the responsibilities and requirements of the project, all KOSUN staff actively read and implement them. Cooperate with the Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection to implement comprehensive supervision on the zero discharge of drilling mud. Follow the principle of "reduce the source, clean the process, and recycle the treatment". Ensure that during the drilling process, by continuously taking measures such as optimizing design, using clean energy and environmentally friendly chemical materials, adopting advanced technology and equipment, improving management, and comprehensive utilization, pollution is reduced from the source, and the reduction of drilling waste, resource and harmless.
KOSUN established a mud zero dischage engineering service team in Longdong area in strict accordance with the "Changqing Oilfield Drilling Mud Zero Dischage Implementation Rules". The well location and workload have been determined, and the equipment has been put into use, which perfectly meets the regional disposal requirements. For the completion of the engineering service of this project, KOSUN vows to contribute to the cause of environmental protection with first-class equipment, professional technology and high-quality service!