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In March, everyone is longing for spring slow in coming. Its long-awaited arrival brings the flowers and plants in their full bloom. The orioles resume their pleasant songs on the branches. And the crops start to flourish in fields. Alongside comes the annual Women's Day. KOSUN has been bestowed with many female staff who have shown significant allegiance and devotion, making great achievements and sacrificing their best times in life for the Company's growth. Let us give our best wishes and applauses to them and their efforts on the great day. They will still be the beauties of beauty in this spring.

Liu Danyin

Vice President of Xi'an KOSUN Machinery Co., Ltd.
General Manager of KOSUN Oilfield Serv. Co., Ltd.

Liu Danyin, Shoulders the heavy responsibility of International Trade

Reasons for Recommendation:Women are not inferior to men. Even amid the fierce competition in markets, she still ushers KOSUN out of China by her boldness as "Iron Lady". With intelligence and open-mindedness as well as fortitude and determination, she will still be the most beautiful in this spring, trekking the long journey with soft smile always on lips.

After return from studying in England in 2010, Liu became a member of Xi'an KOSUN Machinery Co., Ltd. and was soon recognized by dint of her authentic oral English, blessed by years' study in England, and excellent social skills. As the head of KOSUN Oilfield Serv. Co., Ltd. ---a KOSUN's office in Beijing, Liu assumes direct responsibility for international trade and expansion of the Company. Her rich experience, broad insight and outstanding working ability have contributed significantly to KOSUN's development into global market in dealing with foreign customers, therefore, she has been officially appointed General Manager of KOSUN Oilfield Serv. Co., Ltd. in Beijing and Vice President of Xi'an KOSUN Machinery Co., Ltd.

In terms of her career, Liu is known as an "Iron Lady". Nowadays, with the market economy developing and China climbing up along international ladders, domestic heavy industries are also striding towards the global market, which makes it both an opportunity and a challenge to quickly capture a territory for KOSUN's products in it. While analyzing the experience and techniques of contemporary domestic and foreign products rolling out across the globe, she busied herself with initiating the Departments of International Commerce and E-commerce for the purpose of ramping up product promotion, and involved herself into close communication with visiting customers. She has made a great deal of contributions to building KOSUN's products and brand international.

In terms of her life, Liu is known as an "Agony Aunt", who always extends patient encouragement and warm support to those staff confronted with difficulties at work or trouble in life. She is very smart and optimistic since she smiles all the time though with weariness in life and setbacks at work.

Yang Ping

Manager of Administration Department in Xi'an KOSUN Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yang Ping: "I am a brick of KOSUN and will go anywhere I am wanted."

Reasons for Recommendation: Brick is square and firm. It builds up high skyscrapers, bridges and roads for people's convenience. She has demonstrated the "Spirit of Brick" with her own story.

Yang Ping works under the attitude of "I am a brick of KOSUN and will go anywhere I am wanted." Since her enrollment in 2007, she has played important roles in such positions as the Secretary of General Manager, Manager of Administration & Personnel Department, Director of Executive Office and Manager of Administration Department for about 7 years as time flies.

For all these years, she has been fairly meticulous and rigorous in work, micromanaging everything in person. She organized a couple of large-scale activities for the Company in 2009, including annual meeting, corporate exhibition, etc. She was too engaged with complicated businesses, backbreaking backstage work and busy communication among departments to even have dinners and tend to her own children back at home. However, continuous success of the activities made her ever happier and fatigue.

The Manager of Administration Department is never made an easy furrow to plough due to multifarious tasks and frequent communications with other departments. However, she has always been in good terms with her superiors, subordinates and other departments without any complaints against her. Bits of efforts can build up the Great Wall. Yang Ping wins high recognition from the Company with her earnest and surefooted attitude and remarkable working ability.

Wu Shuang

Sales Manager of International Commerce Department

Wu Shuang, "Ready and hard-working for the Company days and nights; friendly and nice to others all the time."

Reasons for Recommendation: She is ready and hard-working for the Company days and nights, and she is friendly and nice to others all the time. She has composed, with youth and sweats, the most melodic psalms in the blooming season.

It has been three years away since her joining in Xi'an KOSUN Machinery Co., Ltd. in March 2011. Wu, as the Sales Manager of International Business Department, has been busy with work in China and Kazakhstan, which immersed herself all in sweat that later on transformed to be shining diamonds aglow on her growth road.

Rigorous and hard-working, as Wu's superiors and staff describe her. Responsible for the international trade, she sets her work schedule halfway across the globe. The customers usually pay visits on unfixed times due to time difference. She will have to keep herself available and ready around the clock for them. Whenever they need a consultation, she will be there to answer the questions by repeated enquiry after technicians. Usually, one order takes several rounds of negotiations, therefore, she sometimes spends less than 12 hours on bed, talking with customers in the daytime and discussing with engineers at night in a bid to boost efficiency.

Apart from these, Wu is also responsible for the communication between domestic subsidiaries and projects in Kazakhstan. She often arrives home late at night after much business during the day. What is more, she has to frequently travel between China and Kazakhstan for face-to-face discussions on the projects there.

In daily life, Wu is as nice a person as hard-working at work. A Russian customer came for a visit while her colleague was expecting her confinement. She voluntarily offered her hands to receive the customer for reassurance of her colleague. 4-day continuous negotiations among engineers and the customer till late night already whacked her to the wide back home.

Wu has been given high appreciation by the leadership for her excellent achievements and efforts within these three years and has gained popularity among the staff. As she said,"These three years are most precious to me and I am truly grateful to them which roughed me to grow up quickly, and to the fate which bestowed me many friends."

Hu Xiexin

Business Assistant of International Business Department

Hu Xiexin, "The youngest and newest, but the most sure-footed and hard-working."

Reasons for Recommendation: She is quiet and unpretending, careful and surefooted. Study keeps her improvement on; humility underlines more of her beauty.

Hu Xiexin, born in 1990s, is now sitting the position as Assistant of International Business Department. She is the youngest and newest, but the most sure-footed and hard-working in the Company.

In everyone's eyes, Hu is not very articulate, staying quiet for most of the time, but she is actually a girl of opinions. She said,"I determine to do my best on my work, with loyalty and duty, and try to be a qualified staff under the belief of 'love what you do', though as a common worker in the Department." She has taken an active part in the Company's training classes and kept on studying in extra time so as to better qualify herself for the job. Boring and incomprehensible curriculum as International Trade did not shy her away at all.

Hu assumes main responsibility for assistance in the business of the Department, therefore, it is her duty to assist the other colleagues. She is always very careful and hard-working. With the drive for better work, she has always been careful and hard-working, busied herself with materials sort-out as well as telephone answering, and been inquisitive of questions and humble on her mistakes. As she said,"Better work demands an entrepreneurial mindset in you and an awareness to put corporate benefits as top priority. I will be very glad if I can make deserving contributions to the Company's development."

Li Yanhua

Leader of Web Design Group in E-commerce Department

Li Yanhua, "KOSUN's Super Lady, a legendary lady of strength and kindness"

Reasons for Recommendation: She holds a high level of responsibility, leading group members through ups and downs and making continuous achievements without condemnation or complaints. She is quite cheerful and her smiles have become sunshine penetrating into the Department.

Li joined Xi'an KOSUN Machinery Co., Ltd. in August 2012, and moved into the current role of Leader of Web Design Group. She was nicely claimed "Goddess" by colleagues thanks to her slender figure. And she is also considered a "capable hand" for work.

For CIPPE in March 2013, she smoothly completed the design of Chinese, English and Russian product brochures for the Company with long-hour work for 2 consecutive months and won high praise from the leadership and colleagues.

In July 2013, she played the leading role in well designing professional websites with the group, and helped the others with sense of responsibility and passion. As the first to accomplish and tackle challenging assignments, she reaped the group's confidence.

Out of work, Li is very optimistic and in a comfortable relationship with the colleagues.

"Li holds a high level of responsibility, leading group members through ups and downs and making continuous achievements without condemnation or complaints. She is quite cheerful and her smiles have become sunshine penetrating into the Department. She is truly KOSUN's Super Lady, a legendary lady of strength and kindness." as remarked by her manager in the recommendation form.

Hao Ling

International Trade Commissioner of Shaanxi GREEN Oil Equipment Co., Ltd.

Hao Ling, "Only who is bright but still eager to learn can make continuous progresses"

Reasons for Recommendation: Hao is bright but still eager to learn, and she tries her best to make progresses. That is why she has achieved significantly even on a common position.

Since her arrival at KOSUN in June 2012, Hao has gained experience through the positions in Logistics & Documentation Department, Purchasing Department and now International Business Department.

Only who is bright but still eager to learn can make continuous progresses. Hao is very good at studying. At the start, she was fairly frightened by the highly professional job. For the purpose of quickly qualifying herself, Hao attended a 3-month product training in the Factory, where she observed product manufacture and processing, studied functional and quality advantages as well as performances of contemporary products and learned humbly from workshop crew, warehouse managers and the Quality Inspection Department. After that, she has got a good command of product-related knowledge by hard work.

At the meantime, she attached great importance on practice. Later, she well the combined knowledge and practice in designing and manufacturing the three solids control systems for Russian customers.

At present, Hao has already grown up to a rather independent staff after two-year work and study. She said,"My personal ability improves and grows along with stable development of the Company. I have established profound friendship with my colleagues. I love the atmosphere and I especially love my co-workers bringing much joy to me. I am also grateful to my superiors for their training and trust. In the future, I promise to be more devoted to my work."

Xie Xin

Assistant of Materials Supply Department

Xie Xin:Rigorous and hard-working. Plan everything; record everything.

Reasons for Recommendation: She is the plainest within all the stars in sky, but she shines, out of plainness, over herself and warms the others.

Xie Xin, as the Assistant of Supplies Department, shoulders the main duties of contract recording, archiving, etc. In simple word, her job is skilled which requires much meticulous care to be placed on each signed contract, each number and each invoice. She also needs to track the implementation of contracts and expedite unrestored goods according to the list. For three years, she has always been efficient in assignment by her superiors, planning everything and recording everything.

Yao Feijuan

Statistician of Production Department

"She is merely a common girl, but with distinctive shrewdness and studiousness. She is the excellent out of the common."

Reasons for Recommendation: She is merely a common girl, but with distinctive shrewdness and studiousness. She is the excellent out of the common, as has been demonstrated by her five-year hard work in KOSUN.

"In our eyes, she is merely a common girl, but with distinctive shrewdness and studiousness. She is the excellent out of the common," as remarked by the leader of Production Department.

Her superiors approve of Yao as a "shrewd" and "studious" lady. From her arrival in 2009 to this spring, she has stayed with KOSUN for half a decade. She spoke of her like this, "Suppose KOSUN is a prosperous garden, then I am a mere small, inconspicuous flower of no scent or color, thriving in its sunshine and rain and deeply rooted in its soil. It has born small amount, but splendidly," Just as her own description, plain-looking Yao has demonstrated herself by hard work, studiousness and shrewdness on an obscure position from the moment she became a statistician of Production Department.