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Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge

Dec 05, 2017

KOSUN horizontal decanter centrifuge is commonly used for oilfield and gas well operations providing efficient solids control while significantly reducing the operator's total mud cost and minimizing waste disposal volumes.

horizontal decanter centrifuge

KOSUN horizontal decanter centrifuge family is now with DC , D and I series in it ,and they can meet with different requirements of mud treatment under various drilling conditions, that can do sedimentation and searation for particles more than 2μm. After treatment, the mud can achieve ideal property, resulting in better recycling, high efficiency, saving and environment protection.

KOSUN can provide solid-liquid separation technology to your drilling mud application, enabling reuse of the material and more efficient and cost-effective disposal. Ruggedly built horizontal decanter centrifuge units are designed for HGS and LGS removal in solids control system and liquid treatment.

Among the drilling industry,drilling fluids and mud are a considerable potential hazard to the sensitive ecosystem when contaminated. Horizontal decanter centrifuge is used to treat contaminated fluids and mud for purified and unpolluted water to be discharged into the environment. KOSUN is a sophisticated horizontal decanter centrifuge manufacturer to make this proper sustainable progress possible.

For most people, service is a matter of being available when problems occur. However, we KOSUN, see it as a matter of being proactive. Investment in, for instance, scheduled inspections and maintenance will help you protect your business from unexpected risks. KOSUN offer a comprehensive insurance package of local service. Details can be obtained through your local KOSUN representative.

The patented KOSUN D™ Decanter Centrifuge gives many real advantages over existing DC™ Decanter Centrifuge. Continuous research and development combined with customer feedback ensure KOSUN are setting the industry standard that others try and follow.

From use in solids control and drilling waste management all over the world to recycling drilling fluids in a variety of applications, KOSUN decanter centrifuges are in action. (Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)