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Soil restoration obtained sustained survival momentum

Dec 04, 2017

As we all know, soil pollution prevention and treatment is very urgent. Soil remediation industry has great business opportunities, at the same time, soil remediation is facing high costs, long payback period and other issues. The industry expert believes that soil remediation still need to further explore the effective business model, in order to obtain sustainable driving force.

Soil restoration

Soil is related to citizens' health. It is not only the material basis for the sustainable development of economy and society, but also closely related to the construction of ecological civilization. Therefore, protecting the soil environment is also an important part of promoting the construction of ecological civilization and safeguarding national ecological security.

However, with the development of industrialization and urbanization, the contaminated soil has aroused widespread public concern. Farmland pollution is very serious, and some areas are in a period of rapid development in recent years, meanwhile, they also bring serious pollution.

Statistics show that according to relevant departments, there are 12 million tons of soil in our country every year which are contaminated by heavy metals in the soil, causing losses of up to 20 billion yuan annually. According to statistics, the exceeding rates of arable land in our country were 19.4% respectively, and the problem of excessive heavy metal pollution was outstanding.

From the overall situation, the state of soil environment in our country is worrying and the pollution in some areas is more serious. It has become one of the prominent shortcomings in building a well-off society in an all-round way. We must attach great importance to soil remediation.

The state funds for soil restoration are also increasing year by year. Recently, when the MEP held a routine press conference in November, You Yanxin, head of the Planning and Finance Division of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, said that this year the special fund for environmental protection arranged by the central finance is expected to reach 49.7 billion yuan, focusing on water, air and soil Pollution prevention and treatment and rural environment remediation, ecological restoration of landscape forest and other lake grass.

In terms of soil prevention and treatment, the Central Government allocated a special fund of 6.5 billion yuan for the prevention and treatment in soil pollution in 31 provinces to accelerated the advancement of soil Pollution Prevention and Control Zone Construction. (Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)