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Brief introduction on retarder selection and maintenance

Nov 21, 2013

1. For the first time, replace the oil after one-cycle operation. And replace it every 3-6 months later on. If the temperature goes too high or too humid, remember to shorten the period and to add oil. 

2. Retarder is not lubricated when leaving the factory, so users should add enough lubricating oil until it reaches the designated height by oil standard. 

3. When impact load is too much or startup too frequent, users should accesorize positioning pin  or hydraulic coupling between base and footing, or demand a positioning slot or positioning plane upon the base.

4. Users should make it clear when placing the order if retarder output shaft should be installed upwards and negotiate over designing lubricating system.

5. Horizontal and lateral retarder should be installed about 15° inclined. 

6. Vertical and luffing retarders adopt pump reciprocating lubrication. When input power is<PG, horizontal retarder adopts splash lubrication. 

7. It is regulated that retarder should use N220 industrial gear oil(horizontal one uses N150 gear oil), lubricating oil should comply with 八、8. After installation, the input shaft of retarder should be rotated flexibly by hand and output shaft rotated by 360°, the resistance felt everywhere should be the same, and lubricating oil should be added to the designated height by oil standard. Then, connect the power to allow it run without load for 1-2 hours and increase load bit by bit if everything is alright. 

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