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Difference between Magnetic Agitator and Mud Agitator

Dec 09, 2013

Features of Maganetic Agitator: Magnetic Agitator is actually a radical reform and innovation upon conventional stirred tank reactor since shaft in the tank no longer group drives with output shaft of electric motor nor is the packing seal or mechanical shaft seal device necessary for conventional agitating shaft used any more. In this way, it helped scientists solve the problems of tank reactor shaft seal failure and leakage which have long perplexed them. The agitator manufactured by Xingyu Chemical Machinery Company can save about 20% agitating power consumption for they replace seal technology with gland packing. It can also increase agitating speed by twice--six times over the conventional one, shrink the agitating time, strengthen the reacting process and improve machine’s capacity. Besides, it is stable, vibrating less and quiet. Accordingly, Magnetic Agitator is fitter for toxic, combustible, explosive and permeable chemical processes such as petrochemical industry, organic synthetic drugmaking industry, food industry, etc. and will prove more advantageous in vulcanization, fluorination, hydrogenation, oxdization, etc.

Magnetic drive agitating technology is successfully applied in chemical stirred tank reactor after technological reform and innovation based on magnetic coupling to replace dynamic seal with static seal for thoroughly solving seal failure and leakage pollution problem which is surmounted by mechanical seal and packing seal, realizing the chemical reaction of combustible, explosive and toxic agents under high temperature, high pressure, high vaccum degree and high revolution. Therefore, it is especially suitable for experimentation and production of drugmaking industry, cloth-dying industry, delicate chemical industry, micro-biological engineering industry, etc.

Working principle:

Magnetic agitator works by Coulomb's law of magnet which describes that two separated objects can form an unconnected driving torque device since, based on magnetic field induction effect, the power can transmit from one magnet to another one via coupling force between them without any mechanic components. When it starts working, electric motor drives the outer permanent magnet to rotate while another group of permanet magnets and rotors rotate synchronously so as to transmit outer force to inner rotors; and it also connects together with bottom end bearing and agitator blades via coupling in order to agitate. The pressure in agitator is born by bearable, reliable and static containment shell which forms a closed sealing chamber with tank. The agents inside is totally sealed, thus realizing static sealing, high pressure and zero-leakage

Here are some information on Mud Agitator, please refer to it for comparison between these two:


KOSUN MA series mud agitator is part of the drilling fluid solids control equipment, which is mainly used to agitate and mix the drilling mud to prevent solids particles from depositing in the circulating tank and to stabilize the performance of drilling fluid. It is composed of explosion-proof motor, speed reducer, motor base and blade. The motor and speed reducer, speed reducer and impeller shaft are connected by steel coupling. The impeller is welded with four blades.

Features and Advantages:  

  1. Spiral bevel gear box

  2. Outdoor explosion-proof electric motor

  3. Able to process 20ppg drilling fluids

  4. Power available ranging from 2.2 to 22KW    

  5. Compact, quiet, stable and easy to maintain