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FQAs and Solutions for KOSUN YZS Vertical Slurry Pump

Nov 06, 2013

 Detailed information of Vertical Slurry Pump: KOSUN YZS Vertical Pump is primarily used to pump strong liquor, heavy oil, oil dregs, dirty liquid, drilling fluids, mortar, quicksand, the mobile sludge in municipal sewerage and liquid containing lump coal and slag in such fields as environmental industry, new building materials, coal washing, municipal engineering, thermal power generation, coal gas coking planet, refinery, mining, paper making, cement plant, food products factory and others. Or used to pump liquid containing silt materials and corrosive liquids in chemical and medicine industry. 

Features and Advantages: 

    1. The pump shaft under the liquid has enough rigidity. No bearing is set between impeller and pump. Shaft seal is not adapted, the medium  with large density solids can also be transported.  

    2. The length of pump under the liquid  between 800m-2500mm, match the suction piping if necessary.  

    3. Vertical motor is installed on the motor base, connect by coupling .

FQAs and Solutions for KOSUN YZS Vertical Slurry Pump




It does not pump drilling fluids while gauge hand jumps violently.

1. The stock outlet is blocked.

2. The pipeline and instrument leak.

1. Remove the obstruction.

2. Screw or block the leaking point.

It does not pump drilling fluids.

1. Its inlet is higher than the liquid level.

2. The rotating direction is incorrect.

1. Raise the liquid level.

2. Check the rotary direction of electric motor.

Pressure gauge indicates pressure at stock outlet, but it still fails to pump drilling fluids.

1. The outlet pipe has got too much resistance.

2. The propeller is blocked.

3. Rotary speed is not fast enough.

1. Check the pipeline

2. Clean the propeller.

3. Increase the rotary speed.

The flow rate is too low.

1. The propeller is too much worn.

2. The pump silts up.

3. The rotary speed is not fast enough.

1. Replace the propeller.

2. Clean pump and pipe manifold.

3. Increase the speed.

The pump consumes too much power.

1. Its feeding amount is too low or is totally closed.

2. The propeller is worn.

1. Open the valve at stock outlet.

2. Replace the propeller

The bearings overheat.

1. The bearings needs lubricating.

2. Some dirty things exist in bearings

1. Pour more lubricating cream in.

2. Clean or replace the bearings.