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Installation and Maintenance of KOSUN ZYQ Liquid/Gas Separator

Nov 06, 2013

 Detailed Information of Liquid/Gas Separator: 

Functions: It is an ideal equipment when oil spill or blowout is encountered and when under-balanced drilling string is applied as drilling processes. KOSUN Liquid/Gas Separator is primarily used to remove the multitude of free gas in drilling fluids, including poisonous gas like hydrogen sulfide. It is proved that it is very reliable and indispensable safety equipment. 

Features and Advantages:  

    1. Separate and discharge the multitude of gas in slurry system, including poisonous gas like hydrogen sulfide.  

    2.Discharged gas will be taken to the safe area in drilling unit via discharge pipe and ignited. 

    3.The equipment is covered with corrosion-explosion coating which will extend its life span when dealing with corrosive gas. 

Installation and Maintenance of Liquid/Gas Separator 


Generally speaking, the Liquid/Gas Separator is installed on the ground next to No.1 mud tank. The ground should be flat and sturdy and pre-dug with anchor bolt holes. For installation, hoisting machine should be used to lift the separator by its lifting lug perpendicular to the ground and put it down gently. Then tension its upper body with ground by means of steel cable and make sure it is perpendicular to the ground. Afterwards, cast anchor bolts and tighten the separator. 

When it is completed, take discharge line(No.1) to where it is 60-80 meters away from wellhead(lines should be prepared by yourselves, or make it clear when making an order if lines are needed). Connect (No.2)stock inlet with rotary blowout preventer or choke manifold. Close butterfly valve of (No.6)sewage outfall and open that of (No.5)stock outlet, then connect it to No.1 mud tank via pipelines. For haulage, dismount the manifold, loosen the tightened steel cable, grasp the top of machine with hoisting machine and unscrew the anchor bolts. Its ladders can function as hauling bracket. 


Empty the drilling fluids from equipment and wash it clean when it is used. It is forbidden to store drilling fluids in the separator since the solidified drilling mud will not be able to work normally.