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Instructions for the Key Component on Mud Agitator--Speed Reducer

Nov 06, 2013

  Instructions for the Key Component on Mud Agitator--Speed Reducer

First off, it is necessary to make a brief introduction of agitator’s working principles: KOSUN WNJ series mud agitator is the equipment mainly used in tank-shaped solids control system to mix and agitate drilling mud. It can prevent solids from depositing in circulating system and keep drilling mud stable and well blended. You are very welcome to inquire about and purchase the mud agitator, oil drilling agitator, drilling mud agitator.

This time, we will continue to talk about maintenance and notes of speed reducer on mud agitator.s  

They primarily fall into four points:

1.Speed reducer should be installed firmly on a stable and horizontal foundation or base in order to pump the oil out from oil scupper and to ventilate cold air. Unstable foundation will lead to shaking and noise as well as unnecessary wear of bearing and wheel gear. It is better to install protective gear when something sticks out from drive connector or when it adopts gear drive or sprocket drive. And the protective device should be cemented if output shaft bears larger radial load.

2.The devices installed as the specification requires allows workers to approach oil scale, breather plug and oil venting plug. After the installation, you should thoroughly check one by one if they are put in the right place, if the fastening pieces press stably, and if the device can rotate flexibly. Speed reducer is lubricated by spilled oil from oil sump. Before operation, you need to unscrew the air vent and place a breather plug instead, then unscrew the oil level line plug to check the height of oil level line. Afterwards, pour lubricating oil in till the it spills out and screw the plug again for a trial running without load for at least a couple of hours. It should be operating stably without impact, shaking, noise or oil spill, otherwise it need reparation at once. Some time later, the oil level line should be checked again to eliminate the possibility of oil spill from casing. The brand of lubricating oil can be changed under over-high or -low temperature. 

3.Drive axis should be centered with deviation not above the offset rate of coupling during the installation of speed reducer. Well-centered drive will extend service life and achieve ideal drive efficiency. 

4.Do not hammer the drive on output shaft but install it with assembling fixture and female thread at the end of shaft. Screw the drive into shaft to prevent damage on the internal parts of speed reducer. Steel fixed coupling is better avoided since it will generate unnecessary excess load, premature damage on bearing and even fracture of output shaft.         

Then, we will come to the illustration for its general technology. Its features and advantages primarily contain: 1. helical-bevel gearbox, 2. outdoor explosion-proof electric motor, 3. capability of 20ppg drilling mud, 4. available power between 2.2 and 25KW, 5. compact design, less noise, stable operation and ease of maintenance.