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Maintenance and Keep-up of KOSUN OZS703

Nov 06, 2013

 Economy of Shale Shaker: 

KOSUN Linear Shale Shaker has an obvious edge on treatment of large capacity drilling fluids. Under such circumstances, it generates strong vibrating power which removes the multitude of solid phase via effective linear shaking motion, thus efficiently taking away larger particles in drilling fluids.

Features and Advantages: 

High-G Vibrating Strength  

Rapid conveyance of cuttings and better treatment of drilling fluids   

Able to manage drilling fluids of large capacity and large specific weight.              

Screen frame AWD adjustable from -1°~5°  

Easy to replace screen with snap-on tensioning system 

Feeder falls into two categories as weir or box type  

Hook-strip screens fall into two categories as PMD or PWP screens  

Maintenance and Keep-up of KOSUN OZS703

maintenance guarantees equipment a long lifespan and no failure for a long time. The Daily Regular Maintenance Proceeding Chart is not compulsory, you may alter it based on your own experience on equipment.

The following elements should be factored into consideration before setting out a Daily Regular Maintenance Proceeding Chart:

Working cycle

Ambient temperature

Working condition

Daily Regular Maintenance

It includes thorough examination and clean-up. The suggested procedures are like below:

Check if the entrance sleeve for feeder is leaking and tighten it according to requirements. Wash away the deposits generated during its working from its inner wall and screens by water supply hose in each shift  since these deposits will increase load on shock absorber and lower shaker;s ability to separate solids. Besides, examine the tensioning situation and working state of screen according to related requirements in each shift. In order to prevent solid phase from losing, connection between screen and screen frame base should be firm and stable and no hole or failure be found on screen. When screens fail, they should be replaced promptly.

Examine if horizontal support, supporting bar and lateral support deteriorate or are damaged in each shift since if they fail, screens will be destroyed. Every time when screens are replaced, check if tensioning system deteriorates or is damaged. Tensioning system is used to tension screen with tensile force and to securely fix it on screen frame base. Improper tensioning of screen will reduce its service life.