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Ways to Install Planet-Cycloid Retarder

Nov 18, 2013

1. Steel or cast iron pads are applicable for retarder calibration, usually three pads are enough. Carved iron is another choice, but flat pad should replace it after calibration.
2. Water-based drilling fluids should irrigate intensively without any bubbles, gaps or other failures.
3. Choose GB1568-79 to match output and input shaft diameters.
4. Pad should be arranged in parellel along basic screws so as to preventing deforming machine body with distance far enough to let irrigating drilling fluids flow freely.
5. Calibrate its installing center line elevation, level and related dimensions of other connected parts if installing retarder upon the base. Calibrate the concentricity of drive and driven shaft as coupling allows.
6. Do not hammer while adding such connecting parts as coupling, belt pulley, sprockets, etc. on output shaft, but fix the parts with screws put into holes at the shaft end since its structure cannot bear axial hammering force.
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