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KOSUN Creates A New International Market in North Africa

Apr 16, 2013

After KOSUN won two sets of fully-configured 70D Solids Control System from GWDC, KOSUN signed another contract of 750 Workover Rig Solids Control Equipment with the national drilling contractor in Egypt. In doing so, KOSUN has further opened markets in North Africa, and also created a new international market pattern.


KOSUN creates a new international market in North Africa

The international drilling contractor from Egypt required full set of solids control equipment be delivered within one month on 12th June. After receiving notification, KOSUN made every effort to meet the delivery requirements with “Customer First” spirit. The marketing department coordinated and transferred cargo actively, production department worked overtime. It turned out that all the equipment was completed within 25 days.

As for our export to Egypt, the customer required pre-shipment inspection and a series of tests and documentations be produced, the document department cooperated with the marketing department, they made great efforts to meet customer’s requirements, and eventually they won the high praise from customers.

This drilling contractor customer purchased shale shaker, desander, desilter, degasser, centrifugal pump, agitator, mud gun and a full set of solids control equipment.