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Shale shaker
Centrifugal Pump
Mud Cleaner
Decanter Centrifuge
Vacuum Degasser
Vacuum Degasser
Decanter Centrifuge
Decanter Centrifuge

Product Accessories

Shale Shaker Screen
  • Shale Shaker Screen
  • Shale shaker screen is wearing parts of the shale shaker ,mainly divided into soft sieve screen,sieve plate type screen,f...
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  • Hydrocyclone
  • The key accessories of Desanders and Desilters are mainly applied to separate the solids from drilling fluids....
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Shaker Spring
  • Shaker Spring
  • The accessories of Shake Shakers are predominately used to reduce the shaking affect caused by shale shakers....
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Explosion-proof Electric Control Box
Centrifuge Drum
  • Centrifuge Drum
  • Centrifuge Drum, Centrifuge Manufacturer, Centrifuge Parts, Centrifuge Equipment, Centrifuge for Oil Drilling...
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