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KOSUN Development Milestones

1992 - In response to Deng Xiaoping's "Southern Tour Speech," Mr. Geng Zhonghou founded a trading company in Xi'an, China, which was the predecessor of KOSUN Machinery.
1997 - KOSUN Machinery completed the design and production of China's first high-frequency shale shaker. Designers: Geng Zhonghou & Gong Weian.
2000 - KOSUN Machinery completed the design and production of China's first vacuum degasser. Designer: Geng Zhonghou.
2003 - KOSUN Machinery completed the design and production of China's first HDD mud recycling system, used in the Sudan Nile River Crossing Project of China National Petroleum Corporation.
2004 - KOSUN Machinery was registered and established in the Xi'an National Economic and Technological Development Zone, and the "KOSUN" trademark was registered with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.
2006 - KOSUN Machinery participated in the independent research and development of China's first ocean module drilling rig (PEMEX project in the Gulf of Mexico). It provided four sets of solid control systems designed and manufactured by KOSUN Machinery, marking the first entry of Chinese enterprises into the American and European-dominated marine drilling platform equipment market.
2007 - In June 2007, KOSUN Machinery obtained the right to import and export independently in China. In November of the same year, the first export of ZJ40 solid control system, designed and manufactured by KOSUN Machinery, was sent to Russia.
2009 - KOSUN Machinery established a branch in Aktobe, Republic of Kazakhstan. It was the first Chinese environmental solid-liquid separation industry enterprise to invest and build a factory overseas. It also achieved its first project service revenue in the same year.
2010 - In response to China's domestic environmental requirements, KOSUN Machinery took the lead in proposing the concept of "mud zero discharge" at the CIPPE exhibition in Beijing, China, leading the industry's development direction.
2012 - KOSUN Machinery was awarded the title of "High-tech Enterprise" by the Xi'an Science and Technology Bureau.
2013 - China's largest single-unit capacity vertical centrifuge (vertical cutting dryer) was designed and put into the market by KOSUN Machinery. It was used in a project for the reduction and environmental treatment of oil-containing sludge generated during oil extraction. Subsequently, related patents for this machine model were applied for, and it received the honorary title of the first set in Shaanxi Province.
2014 - KOSUN Machinery was awarded the titles of "Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise" and "Xi'an Leading Enterprise in the Industry" by the Xi'an Science and Technology Bureau. It also became the Xi'an Petroleum and Natural Gas Drilling Waste Treatment Engineering Technology Research Center.
2015 - The first set of solid control system jointly designed and manufactured by KOSUN Machinery and Russia was completed and delivered for use in the city of Irkutsk, Russia.
2016 - KOSUN Machinery was awarded the titles of "Xi'an Industry Leading Enterprise" and "Xi'an Famous Brand Product" by the Xi'an Science and Technology Bureau.
2017 - KOSUN Machinery supplied seven sets of dual-wheel milling slurry treatment systems for use in the Guangzhou Metro construction project. This system was designed and manufactured under the brand of Italy's TREVI Group, a globally renowned engineering machinery giant.
2018 - KOSUN Machinery successfully won the bid for two sets of 7,000-meter mobile track-mounted drilling rig solid control systems for Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), representing the recognition of KOSUN Machinery's products by international high-end customers.
2020 - KOSUN Machinery's shield tunnel muck treatment system was put into use in the construction of the Shenzhen Metro Line 14 underground project, representing KOSUN Machinery's complete mastery of this technology and successful implementation.
2022 - KOSUN Machinery signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Shuichuang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., officially entering the field of mine restoration and soil remediation.