NEWS:KOSUN MD300 Vertical Desanders Sent to the River Water Sand Removal Project Site




Coking Wastewater Treatment Solutions

1. Features Coking wastewater is one of the main wastewater discharged from iron and steel

Wide Range of Applications of KOSUN Horizontal Mud

The function of the KOSUN Horizontal Mud Agitator is to maintain the uniformity of the dril

What are the main hazards of oil sludge sand in oil

1) Affecting normal production: Oil silt sand in the oil field will greatly reduce the wate

KOSUN Oil and Gas Drilling Solids Control System

The solid particles in the drilling fluid are divided into two types: harmful solid phase a

Eni announces new oil and gas discovery in Egypt's

According to a report by the Global Energy News Network on April 19, recently, Eni Group an

Mud Zero Discharge Equipment is the key to Drilling

The key to the drilling waste treatment is Mud Zero Discharge. It is the result of the impr


KOSUN was founded by Mr. Geng Zhonghou in Xi’an China in 1992. Now, KOSUN has 332 employees, including 158 persons above college degree and 55 managerial personnel and professional technicians. Up to now, KOSUN has formed a strategic layout integrating three centers and two industries. The Production, R&D and Domestic Sales Center is located in Xi'an China, the Overseas Project Management Center and International Trade Center in Beijing China and the Oilfield Services and Oilfield Engineering Center in Aktobe Kazakhstan in Central Asia. The two industries are traditional...