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KOSUN Machinery 22nd Team Training Conference

Jul 01, 2014

KOSUN Machinery has been focusing on employees cultivating of the comprehensive integrating skills, by regularly holding various training courses of technology, management, marketing ,etc. KOSUN machinery always devotes to building a versatile marketing team.
solids control training
To make sure that all the KOSUN marketing staff fully be able of understanding the features and performance of the products, not only to offer the better service to our customers, but also to suit our marketing team to the coming selling season, we held. A three-day training, this training includes new products features and performance, technical parameters, marketing skills, business processes, customer service and so on.
Technology R & D center director and technical engineers presented our star-products: Black Rhino Ⅱ series of solid control system and the new drilling waste treatment equipment to the marketing staff , and further expounds the features, performance, installation, debugging, repair and operation ,the possible problems and the trouble shooting methods. Technology R & D center also proposed the 2015 new product innovation design, which was communicated actively around the practical problems encountered in the sales process, we talk about feelings, advice, and many problems were solved or find the answer.
drilling waste management training
KOSUN machinery also invited a senior marketing consulting and training instructors to teach, Professor Gamal analysis deeply and carefully on the current international situation, domestic oil drilling industry , and introduces several well-known company's successful brand management and marketing model, proposed us to effectively cope with the current development of the industry challenges, develop new products marketing mode, increase market development efforts, establish and improve the evaluation and related system, continue to strengthen research and development capabilities, expand production capacity at the same time, further enhance  customer service quality and service level.
This training activity greatly motivate the initiatives of the marketing team, marketing personnel of service has been further improved, what`s more, we are now of more clear direction and confidence in the marketing work. This training will not only for the past half-year marketing work summary, but also for the 2014-2015 new marketing strategy.