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KOSUN Vice President Liu Danyin Interviewed by Nengyuan.com at Beijing CIPPE 2015

Mar 31, 2015

In order to support company strategy and business adjustment of 2015 and respond to country’s more stringent call upon environmental protection legislation, KOSUN strikes a pose on stage with its new drilling waste management equipment and drilling mud solids control equipment at Beijing CIPPE 2015. The equipment attracts numerous customers to stop for further consultation, and media in the industry also invite KOSUN for interviews. Due to heavy customer reception tasks, KOSUN only accepts the interview of nengyuan.com, who has always been dedicating to supplying of environmental protection resources. 

Nengyuan.com raised detailed questions concerning KOSUN products on exhibition, features of Black Rhino series products, product positioning and market strategy, features of drilling waste management equipment, how to fulfill environmental protection concept and other highlights with numerous media attention. KOSUN Vice President and Marketing Center Director Ms. Liu Danyin gave meticulous and patient answers accordingly. 
Vice President Liu Danyin Taking a Photo at KOSUN Booth after Interview
Vice President Liu Danyin Taking a Photo at KOSUN Booth after Interview
KOSUN Products and Services:
  •  Black Rhino Series Products 
Black Rhino series products are high-end among KOSUN solids control equipment with more focus on industrial advancement in the aspects of design, raw materials and process. Therefore, Black Rhino series products are far better than other domestic solids control brands in terms of appearance, quality and treatment efficiency. Considering product pricing and market relevance factor, this series of products aim mainly at North America market represented by America and Canada and at Australia market represented by Australia. KOSUN also hopes to turn around the international markets’ impression on Chinese products as cheap and poor quality goods by virtue of this series of products, making contribution to China’s transformation from labor-intensive to technology-intensive market. 
  •  Drilling Waste Management Products and Services 
Since 2010, KOSUN has begun to pay attention to domestic market demand on drilling waste management, proactively communicated with overseas experienced drilling waste management service providers and signed contracts for joint research and development of drilling waste environmental protection equipment. Thus, KOSUN drilling waste management products integrate advanced foreign technology and local humanized modification. During product design phase, KOSUN has conducted extensive investigation among front line service personnel for drilling waste management advice. After optimization and filtration, operation experience and safety protection are emphasized while ensuring treatment efficiency. KOSUN sends engineers to drilling sites during product trial for monitoring treatment data and making perfections on humanized details. KOSUN products are much easier for operation and maintenance compared with other drilling waste management equipment. 
According to drilling waste discharge of each drilling company and local environmental protection standards, KOSUN technical team can provide customers with customized equipment and package solutions and follow up drilling process for localization services during the whole process to make customers feel KOSUN’s sincerity and its “More Than Customized” service concept. 
Fulfilling Environmental Protection:
To make drilling waste management equipment more “efficient” is the best practice of KOSUN’s environmental protection concept. KOSUN is making its contribution to improving economic growth, environmental protection and sustainable development by designing rugged, durable and highly efficient drilling waste management system that minimizes drilling waste’s harm to environment (mainly to air, land, water and forest resources), increases resources utilization ratio (by recycling large amount of effective drilling mud), reduces drilling cost and improves drilling efficiency. 
KOSUN Planning:
Located at the starting point of Ancient Silk Road, KOSUN is a significant focus of “One Belt and One Road” strategic development that releases the over capacity stress. The economic belt covers 65 countries and 94 ports, being a favorable development opportunity for foreign trade enterprises integrating “Made in China 2025” policy advocated in government work report. 
Since obtaining import-export operation right in 2007, KOSUN has been continuously exploring overseas market and conducting strategic layout proactively. Up to now, KOSUN has established branches in America, Russia and Kazakhstan and after-sales service bases in Egypt, Algeria, Venezuela and other countries. There is still a great space for KOSUN development in Asian market. By taking advantage of favorable location and unceasing development of products suitable for Asian market, KOSUN will win its share by core technological competitiveness instead of price war. Owing to solid industry foundation and rich experiences, KOSUN has built its status as solids control leader in China and worldwide drilling waste management expert with 23 years of endeavor and innovation. To fulfill its commitment to customers, KOSUN is making great efforts to become the first enterprise in China that provides deeply customized environmental protection equipment and services for global drilling undertakings, a humane and friendly enterprise with high employees’ happiness index and an environment-friendly enterprise with core competitiveness.