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KOSUN Marketing Center holds knowledge and skill training

Jun 21, 2016

 Under a new development situation, KOSUN relies on strong technical strength, constantly explores new fields and markets, and makes outstanding achievements.

In order to drive the further development of new markets of KOSUN and enhance the professional levels of staff’s services and skills, KOSUN holds training about relevant knowledge and skills for all the staff of Marketing Center.
During this training, the technical and sales personnel concerned deeply analyze and discuss new fields and situations that they are now confronted with, and ascertain opportunities and challenges existing in the process of project promotion.
KOSUN focuses on solids control and drilling waste management industries, and KOSUN HDD mud recycling system and shield slurry separation system, as well as its services, are well received in the market.
By dint of strength and confidence, KOSUN keeps improving its products and services, and realizes development and a win-win situation while creating values for customers.