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KOSUN Slurry Separation System is Successfully Sold to Southeast Asia

Jun 14, 2016

Through nearly one month of technical communication and business negotiation, KOSUN and a customer in Southeast Asia successfully sign the sales contract of two sets of slurry separation systems. The customer will applied these two sets of slurry separation systems to his shield tunnel projects in Southeast Asia.

During the slurry shield tunneling, slurry treatment is one of key factors that affect the normal shield tunneling, construction progress, construction cost and environmental protection. KOSUN KD series slurry separation system is designed for treatment of various slurries during construction, and is able to effectively separate solids from slurry and reduce the solid content.


KOSUN KD-2425-30 separation system consists of KD-C1A scalping shaker module, KD-D242526 desanding module and KD-S020063 desilting module. The scalping shaker module is equipped with coarse screens removing large particles, the desanding module with two desanding cyclones and a fine-mesh shaker, and the desilting module is used to separate fine particles. The slurry passes through the scalping shaker, falls into collection box and then is conveyed to the desanding module via connecting groove. The desanding pump unit is equipped with two cyclones of 18” in diameter, which can remove sand from slurry. The desilting pump unit is equipped with six cyclones of 6” in diameter, which can conduct the subsequent fine separation according to the requirements.

This cooperation in slurry separation system marks KOSUN solids control systems’ formal entrance into international shield tunneling field and exerts a significant influence on the diversified development of KOSUN products. Besides the slurry shield separation system, KOSUN also designs and develops HDD mud recycling system, drilling waste management system, large tailing disposal system, industrial sludge treatment system, etc. and can provide professional customized services aiming at actual demands of customers.

KOSUN is expecting to join hands with you for joint development!