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MD210 Drilling Mud Cleaner

KOSUN MD210 drilling mud cleaner is a second and third stage solid control equipment in the drilling mud solid control system. It further separates impurities such as fine sand from the mud that has been processed by the shale shaker, allowing the mud to enter the fourth-level separation equipment. 


The main components of the MD210 drilling mud cleaner include the screen frame, vibrating motor, screen cloth tensioning system, angle adjustment system, locking device, electrical system, desilter, desander, etc. The MD210 drilling mud cleaner can be used alone or the underflow vibrating screen can be used as a parallel backup device for the first-level solid control shale shaker. Our company can provide the corresponding diversion manifold.

The underflow shaker screen LS703 of the MD210 drilling mud cleaner is a high-frequency linear vibrating machine. It is equipped with three screen frames and two vibrating motors, and has the feature of manually adjusting the screen frame angle (AWD) during drilling. When the LS703 shaker screen is in operation, the screen frame angle can be adjusted between -1° and +5°. Thanks to the innovative structural design, the LS703 shaker screen can efficiently separate drill cuttings. The vibrating motors are fixed to the screen frame and positioned on the screen bed with high-strength support beams.    This positioning method allows the excitation force (G-force) to directly act on the screen cloth. The vibration-isolation device protects the base frame from the influence of screen frame vibration. The screen bed is slightly raised to facilitate the tensioning of the screen cloth.  Tensioning the screen cloth in this way can improve its performance and extend its service life. The mud is fed into the LS703 shaker screen through the desilter, desander collection pan, or feed box.
The desilter and desander cyclones are designed based on the principle of particle settling. The drilling fluid, as the separation medium, enters the cyclone along the inner wall in a helical path under a certain pressure and velocity generated by the sand pump. Coarser particles spiral down along the inner wall of the cyclone and are discharged from the underflow outlet, separating on the finer mesh vibrating screen below. The remaining medium spirals upward along the cyclone and enters the next level separation equipment for further purification through the overflow outlet.
To provide the required flow rate, the user needs to provide two 55 kW feed pumps and an adjustable flow rate mud diversion supply pipeline.

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