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DC Series Decanter Centrifuge

KOSUN Series Decanter Centrifuge is a series of centrifuge products improved and developed independently by GREEN on the basis of introducing and absorbing overseas advanced technologies, and is mainly applied to urban domestic wastewater, industrial wastewater, chemical industry, food, pharmacy, non-metallic mine and other solid-liquid separation fields using similar production process.


Main Features of KOSUN DC Series Decanter Centrifuge

Perfect Combination of Separation Technology and Creativity

Adopt high-quality special stainless steel for main parts contacting materials, inlay hard alloy and ceramic parts at special positions to improve anti-corrosion and abrasion resistance of equipment, and integrate various creativities, such as higher separation factor, larger clarification area, optimized feed system, drive system and adjustable parameter control in a timely manner during the equipment operational process, which guarantee the optimal clarification & separation efficiency and economy.

Be Applied to Various Fields

Based on the design and manufacturing principles of minimizing resource consumption, all kinds of specially-designed centrifuges are widely applied to environmental protection and industrial production fields.
Aiming at different demands of customers and different materials, KOSUN provides complete solutions: we provide the most suitable centrifuges for construction slurry dewatering, oilfield mud solids control, sand control, tailing disposal, municipal sewage, protein separation, etc. and provide explosion-proof centrifuges meeting Exdll BT4 standards for explosive hazardous areas. According to the demands of customers, KOSUN is always capable of offering high-efficiency solutions.

Perfect Service System

KOSUN provides customers in various industries with superior products and services, including high-quality products and complete customized solutions for customers by dint of our rich experience that cover design, model selection and installation of decanter centrifuge, and construction projects of whole equipment in special fields.

Municipal Industry Pharmaceutical Industry Significant Environmental Protection Industry
Domestic sewage Purification of traditional Chinese medicine Tannery sludge dewatering
Sludge in waterworks Biological pharmacy Mine stone and wastewater
Biochemical sewage Fermentation liquor Tailing dry discharge
Livestock excrement Bacterial culture suspension Coal-washing wastewater
Food and Beverage Industry Chemical Industry Oil drilling mud separation
Protein separation of soybean, peanut and dairy products Printing and dyeing wastewater Clean production in oilfield
Starch dewatering Paper-making wastewater Textile wastewater
Juice beverage deslagging Electroplating wastewater Integrated wastewater in pharmaceutical factory
Dewatering of distillers’ grains Resin dewatering Desulfurization waste water in power plant
Cane sugar dewatering Plastic gradation recycling Ceramic wastewater separation
Cane sugar deslagging Paint powder recycling Kaolin classification
Beer-making wastewater PVC resin dewatering  
Extraction of instant coffee and tea ABS resin dewatering  


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