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VC700 Vertical Cuttings Dryer

The VC700 vertical cuttings dryer can help meet the required discharge limits for drill cuttings containing liquid, and it can automatically control the feeding for solid-liquid separation. The vertical cuttings dryer is used to recover liquid drilling fluid from drill cuttings by applying high centrifugal acceleration to enhance the separation of liquid from cuttings. By further purifying the recovered liquid, it can be returned to the expensive drilling fluid system, thereby saving costs. 


The VC700 vertical cuttings dryer system can recover lost mud and return it to the active mud system. This recovery system is suitable for diesel-based, mineral oil-based, and synthetic oil-based mud. The cuttings dryer has been proven to be more effective for synthetic oil-based mud since it is easier to separate oil from large-sized cuttings. Synthetic oil-based mud systems also have higher mud values, making the machine more attractive from an economic point of view. Additionally, this system reduces the amount of waste generated on-site and the associated disposal costs.


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