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Solids Control System

The multifunctional design of KOSUN drilling mud System enables the overall system to meet the requirements of various well depths and drilling fluids.


Solids control system is also called drilling fluid purification system, mainly used for solids control and solid-liquid separation to achieve drilling fluid recycling on the premise of guaranteeing stable drilling fluid performance. The system is composed of 3~7 mud tanks with five-stage solids control, dosing and weighting equipment, which is applicable to drilling projects of 500~9000m and can meet the supporting requirements of 250~3000HP drilling rigs. KOSUN Environmental solids control system conventionally falls into skid-mounted and mobile types, and can be divided into cryophylactic (polar) and desert types according to different requirements on ambient temperatures, to meet different working conditions and customer requirements.

Skid-mounted Solids Control System Application:

The multifunctional design of KOSUN Skid-mounted Solids Control System enables the overall system to meet the requirements of various well depths and drilling fluids. Each solid control equipment can operate independently or collectively with the others. KOSUN is able to manufacture the mud circulating system for 350HP, 450HP, 550HP, 650HP, 750HP Workover Rig and for 1000HP, 1500HP and 2000HP Skid-mounted Land Rig.

Operating Principle of Solids control system:

Solids control system assembles five-stage solids control equipment, security equipment and other auxiliary equipment via manifolds according to their separation effects in an orderly way. Mud tank serves as a carrier and drilling fluid carrying cuttings directly enters shale shaker through a diverter. The shale shaker separates big cuttings particles from drilling fluid and the treated drilling fluid containing smaller particles passes through screens and enters the mud tank. If mud contains bubbles, self-priming device of vacuum degasser can suction the mud into the degasser for mud-gas separation. The degassed mud is then fed to desander and desilter via centrifugal pump. Solid-liquid separation of mud is continued in cyclones by using the principle of centrifugal sedimentation. Solid particles within 44~74μm separated by desander and those within 15~44μm separated by desilter are discharged and the mud enters the mud tank under centrifuge through manifolds connecting with cyclones for the last stage separation. Submersible slurry pump (screw pump) feeds mud to decanter centrifuge and solids particles over 2~15μm in diameter are separated by the centrifuge. Each mud tank is connected by using built-in pipes. During drilling operations, drilling fluids of different separation effects can be pumped for use as needed. Jet mud mixer on mud tank can prepare mud as needed.

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