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Mud Tank

As a mud carrier, mud tank is an indispensable part in mud circulation system, and it can complete weighting, mixing, solid-liquid separating, degassing and other processes. Mud tank carries the mud circulating between well head and mud pump. The solid phase in mud are separated stage by stage through relevant solids control equipment on mud tanks and then the drilling fluids is concocted in the mixing and weighting system to meet drilling requirements.


KOSUN Mud Tank is often rectangle with its base constructed by H-shape steel as the main frame and other building materials, made to be skid mounted after satisfying the strength requirement.

KOSUN Mud Tank adopts centralized electric control; heating and heat preservation system applied for tank body in polar regions. When used in drilling blocks, KOSUN Mud Tank has the following advantages: ensuring no mud loss, reducing environmental pollution, lowering labor intensity and satisfying drilling requirements timely through mud mixing. KOSUN can also design and manufacture mud tanks according to customers' specific requirements.

KOSUN Oilfeild Mud Tank adopts mode of centralized electric control, which means all of its pipes manifold ( including cement mixing pipe manifold, mud gun pipe manifold, mud pumping pipe manifold, resupplying pipe manifold ) are all built-in so as to make their installation, dismantlement and transportation very handy. In the polar regions, these mud tanks are especially advantageous, being equipped with heating supply system and thermal insulation system. When applied in drilling blocks, KOSUN Mud Tank has also got the advantages as below: ensuring the conservation of mud, reducing environmental pollution, lowering labor intensity and satisfying requirements of drilling timely via the quick concoction of drilling fluids.

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