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A sand dredging pump is a matching pump for solid control equipment used in oil drilling

Dec 05, 2023

Sand dredging pump is a kind of newly developed pump matching to solids control equipment in petroleum, mine and drilling.  It adopts an axial suction structure and flow passage components are anti-wear cast iron.  It is suitable for transporting corrosive drilling fluid containing suspended particles or other liquid mediums with similar properties.  The parametric design of pump fully allows the matching solids control equipment to work under the optimum conditions, and its main features are high interchangeability of parts, little shaft seal leakage, reliable operation, long service life and convenient maintenance.
Sand dredging pump adopts mechanical seal, the primary seal is high anti-wear hard alloy mechanical seal to achieve a long seal life, and the auxiliary seal is packing seal to prevent accidents.
The shaft seal of the sand dredging pump adopts grease lubrication, the bearing uses engine oil for lubrication, grease nipples are on the bearing covers at both ends of bearing, and the bearing can also be lubricated with grease.