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Application of solidification and stabilization technology for waste drilling cuttings

Jul 15, 2019

Nowadays, the exploitation of resources is constantly improving. To achieve better results in the processing and development of important resources, it is necessary to strengthen the effective treatment of waste drilling cuttings. The application of solidification and stabilization technology meets the numerous requirements of waste drilling cuttings, will not cause serious damage to the environment, will not affect local development stability, has high technical reliability and feasibility, and meets the future disposal standard of waste drilling cuttings. Therefore, a perfect solution must be set in the application process of this technology.

In the application process of the solidification and stabilization technology, it can basically be completed in combination with the demand for waste drilling cuttings, and can achieve good results in many tasks. In the future, we should continue to increase the adjustment of this technology. For example, on the one hand, the technical operation of waste drilling cuttings in different places must be done in accordance with local restrictive conditions, especially in the response and resolution of special situations, to continuously reduce the deficiencies of traditional work and strengthen the reliability of and improve the feasibility of this technology. On the other hand, the strategy of technical adjustment should maintain sufficient perfection to promote the effect of the technology to be enhanced better.