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Coking Wastewater Treatment Solutions

May 12, 2022

1. Features
Coking wastewater is one of the main wastewater discharged from iron and steel enterprises. Coking wastewater has complex components and contains a large amount of toxic and harmful substances. It is a typical refractory organic wastewater. The removal rate of the refractory compounds in the conventional treatment method is low, so that the COD and chroma of the effluent are high and cannot meet the standard.
Coking Wastewater Treatment
2. Composition
Coking wastewater is high-concentration organic wastewater produced in the process of coal coking, gas purification and coking product recovery. Coking wastewater mainly includes gas condensate in the initial cooling stage of gas, cold water at the end of gas, gas washing water and gas washing water in gas generating station, purified benzene separation water, gas tank wastewater, coke oven water sealing water and sewage generated in other occasions.
3. Processing technology
Physical treatment method: adsorption method, coagulation and flocculation sedimentation method, Fenton reagent method.
Biochemical treatment method: A/O and A2/O method, SBR method, oxidation ditch technology.
Chemical treatment methods: catalytic wet oxidation technology, ozone oxidation, photocatalytic oxidation.