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Comparison of KOSUN Oily Sludge Treatment Methods

Mar 17, 2023

Oily sludge, also known as oil sludge, is an industrial solid waste composed of crude oil, water and inorganic minerals produced in the process of oil and gas exploitation, storage and transportation, and refining. Oily sludge is mainly produced in the process of crude oil extraction, oil and gas storage and transportation, crude oil storage and sewage treatment in refineries. Pollution of groundwater, soil and air. Threats to human health and ecosystems.
Comparison of Oily Sludge Treatment Methods
1, Thermal cleaning:
sieving fluidization-chemical conditioning and sedimentation/ultrasonic-centrifugation. It is suitable for oil sludge with less clay content and higher oil content. The quality of recovered oil and the secondary treatment of drainage are more difficult.
2, Extraction:
Leaching-separation-regeneration: It is difficult to control the distribution coefficient, the separation effect of the extract from water and mud, the regeneration effect of the extractant, and the loss rate of the extractant. Containing slime significantly affects the process.
3, Microbial method:
Use microorganisms to degrade pollutants under certain conditions, and the direct operating cost is low. It needs to be pretreated until the water permeability and air permeability are good, and the oil content is less than 5%. The degradation cycle is long, and the degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons is difficult and requires a lot of land. The higher the oil and water content, the more difficult it is to handle.
4, Incineration:
Thoroughly harmless treatment of residues, heat recovery and utilization. Mixed with briquette, etc., easy to handle. In the case of bad combustion conditions, the combustion will cause pollution.
5, Thermal desorption: high recovery rate and little harm to the environment. High requirements on process, equipment and safety.

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