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Comprehensive Comparison of Main Methods of Oil Sludge Treatment

May 15, 2019

Oil sludge treatment technology has developed rapidly in recent years, and some new treatment technologies have emerged. In addition, new national policies attach great importance to environmental protection, and recently, there have been companies that specialize in the treatment of oil sludge (including equipment and technical services) in China. In the future, the oil sludge treatment technology will be more perfect. This text will briefly explain the various feasible oil sludge treatment technologies.

I. Physical method
1. Direct landfill
2. Solvent extraction technology
3. Solidification treatment technology
4. Injection formation treatment technology
II. Chemical method
1. Hot water washing treatment technology
2. Incineration treatment technology
3. Thermal cracking technology
4. Electrochemical treatment technology
III. Comprehensive method
1. Chemical thermal washing biological method
2. Tempering centrifugal dehydration method
3. Tempering separation + incineration technology

IV. Biological method
The land farming method, the composting method, and the sludge bioreactor method all belong to biological treatment technologies. Since the 1980s, biological treatment methods have become more popular. Efficient microbes are the main goal of many researchers, leading to the birth of many high-efficiency strains, and the treatment scope has been broadened accordingly. Galleg proposed a method for treating oily sludge using a combination of various microorganisms. Sood proposed a method for degrading acidic oily sludge using a new type of yeast strain TERI ASN6.