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Current status and prospects of drilling waste management industry in China

Oct 21, 2019

With Chinese oil industry development and drilling fluid technology update in rent years, more and more oilfields are using oil-based drilling fluid, which brings great benefits to drilling engineering, but poses a series of problems at the same time, that is, how to manage the used drilling waste? China had put forward very strict requirements on oilfield environmental protection for while-drilling waste treatment, which is rarely seen from the national legislative level. This means that Chinese drilling waste service market has been opened now.

Nowadays, there has been a great demand for drilling waste management in every oilfield. KOSUN has received related consultations from many oilfield customers. We also sent persons to visit these customers to know their current conditions and demands, including what kinds of drilling wastes are produced, how to manage, treatment effect, etc. The results show that drilling waste mainly includes water-based mud, wastewater, water-based cuttings, oil-based mud cuttings, etc. Some customers know a little about waste management technology but have no related experience.

Moreover, there are large numbers of rigs in China and Chinese potential markets are huge. KOSUN has taken advantage of the favorable situation, seized the opportunity, and taken over the market to be the leader in the drilling waste management industry in China.