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Introduction to advanced oily sludge solidification remediation technology: SD-IV aerobic biological solidification remediation technology

May 08, 2019

1. Principle Introduction
SD-IV aerobic bioremediation technology is a bioremediation product technology developed by Beijing ShiDou Environment Technology Co., Ltd. It represents a safe, effective and economical method of soil management and represents the leading technology level of refractory organic contaminated soil remediation technology. Since its application, it has successfully treated over ten thousands of tons of soil, oily sludge, sediments and other solid wastes in combination with different construction technologies. SD-IV has treated several contaminated sites containing a variety of aliphatic hydrocarbons, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, phthalates and chlorophenols (including pentachlorophenol).

The SD-IV implementation process is as follows: the chemicals are added to the target area according to a certain ratio, and the mixing plant is used to thoroughly mix the chemicals and the contaminated soil, appropriately supplement a certain amount of water, and perform aeration, tillage, water replenishing, etc. at appropriate cycles, maintain the living conditions of aerobic microorganisms until the target of remediation is achieved.

2. Technical Advantages
(1) It can usually be used without excavation, and no odor or leachate will be produced when it is implemented;
(2) The typical application dosage is 1-5%, which will not cause soil swelling;
(3) It can improve the water holding capacity of soil;
(4) It can provide a wide range of major, minor and micro nutrient elements.