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KOSUN drilling fluid cleaners can meet the processing needs of various users

May 19, 2022

The drilling fluid cleaner is mainly composed of an underflow shale shaker, a sand removal cyclone, a mud removal cyclone, etc. The drilling fluid cleaner has a compact structure, a small footprint, a wide range of applications and powerful functions; the sand removal cyclone can be adjusted according to the number of cyclones and desilting cyclones can be used to change the processing capacity of the drilling fluid cleaner, which can meet the processing needs of various users. 
drilling fluid cleaners
The drilling fluid cleaner is currently widely used at home and abroad. The mud cleaner has the advantages of saving space and reducing costs, and can completely replace the desander and desilter in some drilling projects.
Overall requirements for drilling fluid cleaners:
1. There should be a lifting ring on the top of the equipment. During installation, it should be lifted from the lifting position and hoisted to avoid deformation or damage of the equipment. The base of the equipment must be installed smoothly.
2. The inlet connecting pipes of the desander cyclone and the desliming cyclone should be made of hard pipes or hose lines, and the length and turns should be reduced as much as possible.
3. The tension of the screen mesh of the shale shaker should be appropriate, and the screen mesh after installation and adjustment should be flat.
4. The vibration motor and control box of the drilling fluid cleaner should be explosion-proof electrical equipment, and their electrical connections should comply with relevant explosion-proof standards.