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Pipe Jacking Construction Slurry Treatment Solution

Aug 23, 2022

In the construction of pipe jacking, different geological environment can produce different nature of slurry. At present, there are many kinds of slurry treatment methods. The most efficient way is using slurry treatment system for Pipe Jacking Machine and to process the mud from pipe jacking construction specifically.
In China, there are many manufactruers of slurry treatment system. KOSUN Solids Control is one of the famous manufacturer. In the field of trenchless and pipe jacking construction, design and manufactrue a complete set of slurry treatment equipment according to the actual situation.


Pipe Jacking Construction Slurry Treatment Solution
Stucture and Function of KOSU Slurry Treatment System:
KOSUN Slurry Treatment System mainly consists of scalping shaker module, desanding module and desilting module. As a pre-screener, the scalping shaker can remove coarse particles from mud. The desanding module is equipped with desander (primary cyclones) and fine-mesh shaker and mainly removes granulated sand. The desilting module is equipped with desilter (secondary cyclones) and can conduct a fine separation selectively according to the field needs of customers. Mud closed-loop circulating purification mode and lower water content in slags help reduce the environmental pollution. Wear parts of the system are of anti-corrosion and wear-resistance, long service life and low failure rate, and the system can be suitable for various severe working conditions.
KOSUN Slurry Treatment System for Pipe Jacking Construction can save construction costs, reduce mud emissions and reduce environmental pollution. It is an economical, efficient and environment-friendly necessary construction equipment.If any interested,please email
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