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Shield Muck Treatment Solution for Guangzhou Metro Construction

Sep 30, 2022

Treatment problems of shield muck in Guangzhou subway construction:
With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the development of urban subways covers a wide range, and most people choose to travel by subway, mainly because it is convenient and safe. However, in the construction of urban subways, the shield muck of Guangzhou subway construction has always been a problem for the government and construction parties. Among them, the disposal of a large amount of muck produced by tunnel shield construction is an important problem. Due to the characteristics of high mud content and high water content, the muck produced by shield tunneling will inevitably leak during transportation, which will cause certain pollution to the environment. In order to clean up the soil in time, a large amount of cleaning water is required for outbound transportation.
Shield Muck Treatment Solution
The following will introduce the Guangzhou Metro construction shield muck treatment equipment and solutions:
Guangzhou subway construction shield muck treatment is to use the belt conveyor system to transport the newly excavated Guangzhou subway construction shield muck from the depths of the subway tunnel to the feed hopper of the ground muck separation system, and finally separate the coarse sand and fine sand, transported to trucks by pulling the belt conveyor, the slag is classified, dehydrated, separated and dried, and the inorganic raw materials and water resources are reused.
The method of efficient separation and dehydration of shield muck in Guangzhou subway construction includes vibrating screening and dehydration. Vibrating screening and dehydration of solid control equipment is suitable for subway construction shield muck with high moisture content, mainly sand and pebbles and good fluidity. It is not suitable for the solid-based subway construction shield slag such as clay soil. In the alkali-making industry, the solid-control equipment vibrating screen can be used to treat the alkali slag to achieve the process of drainage and consolidation. The drainage consolidation speed of alkali subway construction and the increase of drainage volume have obvious effects.
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