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Slurry Separation System for directional crossing construction

Jul 30, 2022

Trenchless directional crossing on-site feedback, using a new type of Slurry Separation System, it will not cause clogging compared with belt filter press, and the use of double-layer screen, the purification effect is nearly 50% higher than that of single-layer screen, the operation is safe and convenient, the maintenance is simple, the operation is stable and reliable, the slurry can be fully purified, and the performance index of the mud can be effectively controlled. Moreover, water resources can be reused, pulping materials can be saved, costs can be reduced while environmental pollution can be reduced.
Slurry Separation System for directional crossing construction
KOSUN has invested heavily in the design, research and development of Slurry Separation in the non-excavation field for many years. Currently, it has launched a variety of models and types of Slurry Separation System. With its compact design, convenient transportation and floor space. It has the advantages of small size and high processing efficiency. It is widely used in the foundation construction of railway, highway and other bridge pillars, municipal non-excavation directional crossing, mud-water balance pipe jacking, small and medium-sized shields, construction piling and other foundation constructions, including drilling mud dewatering, river channels Sludge treatment, mud-water separation in the sand washing field, and slurry treatment of sewage sludge in the process of mine tailings treatment.
KOSUN is committed to solving the problems and confusions encountered by users in the reasonable selection, deepening of the design, equipment matching, performance assurance, cost control, after-sales service, and subsequent maintenance of the user's Slurry Separation System! Help users achieve the goal of sludge reduction, harmlessness, and resource utilization.