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The Technology and Experience of Oil-based Mud Waste Treatment

May 30, 2022

This technology for processing drilling waste on site has a fast processing speed, reduces labor intensity and saves costs. KOSUN has many years of experience in the waste oil-based mud treatment industry. The oil-based mud waste treatment system produced can recycle drilling fluid waste, reduce treatment costs, recover useful mud or water, realize resource reuse, and avoid waste Environmental pollution meets the environmental protection discharge requirements of local government regulations on waste and protects the environment.

For the treatment of waste oil-based mud produced by large-scale drilling with oil-based drilling fluid, incineration, landfill and other methods can be used. But the cost of using this technology for a single well is too high. This problem can be better solved by the compound mixing method. The material is a kind of powder and wood chips. The powder has good oil absorption performance. Each kilogram of powder can absorb 0.7kg of oil in water. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of nitrogen fixation, odor protection, odor tracking, and good degradation ability.

oil-based mud waste treatment system
When the waste oil-based mud generated after drilling with oil-based drilling fluid is treated according to the method described above, the waste drilling fluid must be separated first, and the base fluid in the drilling fluid must be recovered. Mix the drill cuttings after removing the base fluid with the mixture (powder and sawdust) thoroughly. Then place it flat on a large site, do not compact, but maintain a considerable degree of looseness; let it have enough oxygen and moisture, if necessary, oxygen can be injected into it, and water can be added; this can quickly biodegrade. At the same time, it fixes nitrogen and becomes a kind of fertilizer, which enters the topsoil layer and sub-topsoil layer, which can be absorbed by plants. After such degradation, the residue has no toxicity, no impact on the environment, and no potential impact on the environment. It fundamentally eliminates its impact on the environment without worrying about potential environmental damage.