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The main function and principle of shear pump in the treatment of drilling fluid

Jan 29, 2024

The shear pump is specifically used for shearing polymers and clays in drilling fluids. Polymers (or clays) in the drilling fluid system should be adequately sheared before entering the system to improve drilling fluid performance and fully utilize their benefits. Without sufficient shearing, polymers may block the vibrating screen during the first circulation, resulting in the loss of a large amount of polymer and increased drilling costs. It may also make large-sized solid particles in the drilling fluid hard and difficult to remove. In the drilling fluid, insufficient shearing of polymers can cause "fish eyes", which can damage the formation, reduce permeability, and decrease oil and gas production. It has been proven that shear pumps have excellent performance. They can provide high shear for rapid hydration of high molecular weight polymers (or clays), solving the prominent issue of poor hydration of polymers (or clays) in drilling fluids. At the same time, the QB5×6-10 shear pump can reduce polymer consumption by more than 15% and bentonite consumption by more than 30%, reduce mud cake and fluid loss, reduce the shear rate of drilling fluid, and enhance gel strength, thus reaching the advanced level of similar foreign products. In addition, through design improvements, its shaft seal structure is more reliable, and it is also more convenient for use and maintenance.

The shear pump adopts a highly reliable composite seal to ensure no leakage. The pump is equipped with a stainless steel impeller (with guide vanes, main impeller, 44 nozzles, and 4 collection chambers) and a shear plate, capable of generating a small end shear (liquid shear) exceeding 25.4m/s. When the liquid flows through the shear pump, approximately 50% of the liquid will be sheared twice under the strong propulsion of the impeller collection chamber. The shear pump with impeller is mounted on a dedicated base and driven by a pulley, V-belt, and explosion-proof motor. It is accompanied by a properly sized mixing hopper, forming a complete shear and hydration system. The improvement in shaft seal greatly increases its service life.

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