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Trenchless Mud Mixing Equipment - Mud Agitator

Dec 02, 2022

What is trenchless mud mixing equipment? Trenchless mud mixing equipment refers to mud agitators. As the name implies, a mud agitators is a kind of mud mixing equipment used to mix mud. The main function of the mud agitator is to evenly stir the mud to suspend the sedimented solid particles in the mud tank, and will not adhere to the wall of the mud tank or settle on the bottom of the tank, resulting in a reduction in the capacity of the mud tank. The mud agitator not only improves the production speed, but also saves the economic cost of the project.

Trenchless Mud Mixing Equipment - Mud Agitator
Characteristics of trenchless mud mixing equipment-mud agitator:
1) The structure of the mud agitator is compact and stable, compact in size, safe and reliable.
2) The height-to-width ratio of the mud agitator is nearly 1:1, the center of gravity is low, and the stability is good. When the impeller encounters an instantaneous impact load, it can still operate stably and safely.
3) There is a high-strength single-stage worm gear reducer inside, so the work runs smoothly and evenly.
4) The reduction ratio of the new turbine transmission of the mud agitator is 20:1, which has extremely high working efficiency.
5) The shaft length of the mud agitator is designed according to the depth of the mud tank. A shaft stabilizer is generally required when the tank is 6 feet deep. The depth of the tank is from the bottom of the tank to the top of the support beam of the mud agitator.
6) The shaft head stabilizer of mud agitator is generally used on mud tanks 8 feet or deeper, thereby reducing the load on the bearing and the disadvantages of shaft bending.